Game Change! with Plug and Play digital array microphone by one USB cable to connect and power supplied. Efficiency 8 meters long distance Voice pickup.

FALCOM BEAM a digital array microphone with smart technology beam formation can support
8 meters long distance voice pickup by automatic voice tracking and full duplex interaction.
Product is built-in noise reduction and echo cancellation function. Equipment can installed at Wall, Ceiling and Table. plug-and-play by USB cable (Power over USB) with Green concept.

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Introduce FALCON SoundSonic

A Wireless Conference System come with one wireless Speaker and 3 wireless Microphones

FALCON is a global brand that specializes in voice and video collaboration solutions including education technology. At FALCON we are positioned to provide smart solutions that not only to satisfy the needs of our customers but also exceed their expectations as well. As one of the Leaders, FALCON have provided our solution in many countries and regions. Also FALCON products have received numerous international awards.

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